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The Putative Citation of Enoch in Jude


Alumni Academy: Kingdom through Covenant


Dr. Gentry at the Alumni Academy: The New Exodus


The Davidic Covenant and it’s place in Scripture


Kingdom through Covenant – Panel Discussion with Denny Burk, Peter Gentry, Stephen Wellum, and Jim Hamilton


Dr. Peter Gentry Interviewed by Donald L. Williams on the Septuagint


#ChooseAFaculty – Peter J. Gentry


Dr. Peter Gentry – “Isaiah 5-12 (esp. 7:14) & the Davidic House at the Crossroads”


God’s Name and His Ways


The Importance of Kingdom Through Covenant


The Putative Citation of Enoch in Jude







The Glory of God-  Exodus 34


God’s Dealing with Abraham


Confidence in the LORD- Psalm 4


Longing after God – Psalms 42-43


I’m on God’s Side- Psalm 139


The Davidic Covenant – Part One – 2 Samuel 7


The Book of Isaiah- Adult Sunday School (on going)


The Davidic Covenant – Part Two- Isaiah 7


The Future Kingdom – Isaiah 11:1-11


My Yoke is Easy – Isaiah 46


Jeremiah 2-6


Rebuilding Jerusalem – Nehemiah 12


Reconciliation-Mephibosheth 2 Samuel 9


David’s Heroes 2 Samuel 23 

Isaiah 40




A Tale of Two Kings- Matthew 2


The Prodigal Sons – Luke 15


Luke 22:47-65


Rite vs Righteousness – Romans 2:6-19


Jesus Christ: Lord of Creation and Lord of the New Creation – Colossians 1:15-20


Food Sacrificed to Idols- 1 Corinthians 8:1-12


Hebrews 8






Covenant with Noah


Covenant with Creation


Covenant with Abraham


Covenant with Israel (Mosaic)


Davidic Covenant


The New Covenant


Questions and Answers


Can We Really Trust the Bible? (Go to 47 Min)


Why the Word of God is Central and Foundational


The Reliability of the Old Testament


Equipping the Generations: Raising Children, the Christian Way- Equipping Family Seminar 


The Role of Covenant in Biblical Theology


Isaiah and Social Justice


No One Holy Like The LORD


Inclusion of the Gentiles in the Old Testament


Dispensational Study Group: A Review of Kingdom Through Covenant: A Biblical Understanding of the Covenants by Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum (Evangelical Theological Society)


Parameters for Correct Interpretation of Daniel 9:24-27 (Evangelical Theological Society)







Sexuality- On Being Human and Promoting Social Justice


The difference between suffering under the Old Covenant versus under the New Covenant


The Legacy of the KJV (SBTJ Forum)


Equipping the Generations: Raising Children, the Christian Way


The Text of The Old Testament


The Septuagint and Text of the Old Testament


Capitol Punishment


The Covenant at Sinai


Speaking the Truth in Love (Ephesians 4:15)


Daniel’s Seventy Weeks and The New Exodus


Humanity as the Divine Image


The System of the Finite Verb in Classical Biblical Hebrew




Kingdom through Covenant: A Biblical-Theological Understanding of the Covenants


God’s Kingdom through God’s Covenants: A Concise Biblical Theology